Home batteries are nothing new. They’ve been around for decades. Although they were initially bulky, expensive, awkward and very limited in scope, today they are suddenly at the centre of the energy transition. After all, if we want to consume more self-generated green energy, we have to find a way to harness it. Storage space is therefore of paramount importance.


While we can’t turn the sun on or off or influence the wind, aug·e does allow us to optimise our storage space. Aug·e’s innovative smart energy software uses data, artificial intelligence and machine-learning algorithms to make home batteries smarter and more efficient. This way, not only can owners make more use of the green energy they generate, but they will also be able to save quite a bit on their energy bills and even earn money from their self-generated energy.


More local, green energy

With a smart home battery you make much more use of the energy you yourself generate. Thanks to a home battery, self-consumption of energy from, for example, solar panels rises from an average of 30 per cent to around 70 per cent. With a smart battery, self-consumption goes up even further.

Lower energy bills

Owners of smart home batteries make more and more efficient use of their self-generated energy, and have to take less energy from the grid. This significantly reduces their energy bills. A major benefit, especially in times when energy prices are constantly rising.

Flexible market position

With a smart battery, you open the door to a lot of financial opportunities. This is because your flexible market position also allows you to earn money. On the one hand, you avoid high peak loads (peak shaving) because you don’t take energy from the grid at busy times, and on the other hand, you can decide for yourself when to put the energy you generate back into the grid. Buy low, sell high: with the right variable energy contract you sell energy when the price is high and buy when it is almost free.

Increased comfort

Living a greener life has never been easier or more comfortable. Thanks to the artificial intelligence behind aug·e’s software, the system makes the right decisions for you and controls the connected assets in the most efficient way. What’s more, thanks to the battery, you never have to worry about power cuts.


Aug·e is a smart energy management software platform based on artificial intelligence. It uses self-learning algorithms to transform the available data – historical consumption data, weather forecasts, solar panel capacity, energy market prices, etc. – into smart, personalised forecasts.

Using all that complex data, aug·e makes meaningful decisions to optimise energy consumption and create added value. When is the best time to charge an electric car? Which appliances should be running when? What happens to the solar energy that is generated: store it or feed it into the grid? When is energy purchased? When is it sold? Aug·e keeps a close eye on how the system is functioning: it monitors everything in real time and immediately makes adjustments where necessary.

‘We want end users to be able to make more and more efficient use of the solar energy they generate so that they can live more ecologically and economically.’


At aug·e, we work closely with many partners, such as manufacturers and installers of home batteries, to create the greatest added value for the end user. Why do all our partners like to work with us and choose our technology again and again? Simple:

Aug·e is quick and easy to configure.
Aug·e is versatile and compatible with most home batteries.
Aug·e is scalable and easily expanded.
Aug·e offers comprehensive service and quick support.
Aug·e receives continuous updates and new functionalities.
Secure and accessible cloud-based software.


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background Smart Batteries




Smart Buildings

Aug·e makes buildings smarter, more enjoyable and more efficient.


Renewable Energy Communities

Want to take control of your energy? Aug·e can help.


At aug·e, we are constantly looking for new partners. Our technology is deliberately open and transparent, allowing third-party developers to enhance their own value proposition by linking aug·e to their products and technologies securely and accessibly. A successful strategy, as it turns out, because the number of applications and opportunities in the aug·e marketplace is growing steadily.

Want to work with aug·e to optimise home batteries and make them smarter?

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