At aug·e, we are firm believers that software plays an important role in the transition to a more sustainable and energy-efficient world. What’s more, we are convinced that with aug·e, our customers have the ideal catalyst for this transition.
The name aug·e comes from ‘augmented energy’. Our software platform makes the technological bridge between data and energy, and thus forms the basis for a whole arsenal of sustainable and innovative energy solutions that enable us all to live SMARTER, GREENER, MORE COMFORTABLY AND MORE CHEAPLY.


Aug·e’s innovative software is already being used to control more than 5,000 smart buildings and thousands of charging stations, smart batteries and other devices, but our ambition extends further. We firmly believe in a fully sustainable and connected energy community.  Our big hairy audacious goal? By 2027, our products and services should enable one-and-a-half million people to live smarter, greener and more energy-efficient lives effortlessly. That is the equivalent of one full-scale gas-fired power plant. Sounds a bit crazy and ambitious? It is, but that’s why we’re doing it. The courage to be a pioneer is in our DNA.


To fulfil our ambition, we at aug·e are first and foremost a multidisciplinary and international knowledge company.  We are still a young company, but we can count on the extensive knowledge and experience of our staff – all highly trained experts with many years’ experience in their field – and on the support of successful companies such as BESIX and Proximus, from whose shared ambition we have grown. One thing we all have in common at aug·e is that our passion for sustainability means we all want to make a difference.

‘It is time to put people back in control of how they use their energy. Together with aug·e, they can achieve this. Effortlessly.’

Bart Gentens, COO


Why the ambition to make technology relevant in the world of energy and so have a lasting and meaningful impact on society? Why do we do what we do? Simple: for the people. We are convinced it is time to put people back in control of how they use their energy. Together with aug·e, they can achieve this. Effortlessly.



The backbone of our company. Respect for ourselves, for each other and for the earth we live on is not only fair. It is also the basis on which all our shared chances and opportunities are built.


Many of the innovative solutions we will be involved with tomorrow have to be devised today. This requires not only knowledge and expertise, but also a good dose of creativity.


Our goal is to create meaningful change. Change that has an impact on sustainability and energy efficiency, but which also has an economic value.


We see ourselves as a customer-intimate company. We work not for you, but with you. Every successful project is the result of open and close cooperation.

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Although we want to make a difference for many consumers with our technology, aug·e focuses primarily on the B2B market. We work closely and efficiently with many specialised partners in different sectors, ranging from construction companies, project developers, engineering firms, energy suppliers and financiers to manufacturers, suppliers and installers of the necessary hardware. Together with all these specialised partners, we try every day to make a difference for all those who want to live more energy-efficiently, more economically and in a more environmentally-friendly way.

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