Hi, I’m aug·e


As property owner or manager you want to be in control of your building and avoid unpleasant surprises. Yet, at the same time, you want to do your bit for a more sustainable world.

aug·e stands for ‘Augmented Energy’.
The physical and digital worlds are becoming increasingly convergent. As aug.e controls and manages all the energy flows in your building, it always has its finger on the pulse, making it the ultimate assistant when it comes to managing and running your properties.

By unleashing the power of data, aug.e creates an immersive user experience that offers an economic added value while facilitating the energy transition.



1. Connect

aug·e connects to your building and your application landscape. 


2. Inspect

aug·e gets to know your building.


3. Activate

You activate the apps you want to use.


aug·e datacore

aug·e manages your building data, a digital layer on top of the physical structure, that increases the value of your property.

aug·e use cases

aug·e compiled a number of use cases. Check out which ones here. Follow us because we’re going out of our way to make new use cases available all the time.

Would you like more info about how aug·e can make your building smarter?



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