Today, most households depend on large energy suppliers: if they need electricity, they take it from the central grid in exchange for an agreed price. This has many disadvantages: the system is inflexible, rather passive, and above all very expensive. Fortunately, there is another way.


More and more people want to form Renewable Energy Communities (RECs, also known as Local Energy Communities or LECs), in which they take control and organise all kinds of energy services together.

Governments and businesses are also looking for ways to connect their buildings and sites in a smart way.

Saving energy by investing together, trading with each other and thus using more green energy together – that’s exactly what aug·e is striving for. Aug·e wants you to participate actively in tomorrow’s energy system and offers the ideal support to do so. With our unique community platform and intelligent data-driven technology, we have everything to put the many pieces of the puzzle together and develop your smart energy plans into a well-functioning renewable energy community.


In a local energy community, you have everything it takes to reverse the traditional roles in the energy landscape. This way, you can move from being a consumer in a centralised market controlled by big players to being an independent, local market where you are in control. After all, there are plenty of opportunities in this brand-new prosumer market where you buy your power directly from your neighbours and sell your surplus green energy yourself.

Traditional energy market

Renewable energy communities


When we don’t see smart buildings and their assets such as solar panels and batteries as separate entities, but actively engage them in a local network through aug·e’s central system, we are on the threshold of real change. Then we will bring supply and demand much closer together, and with aug·e we will lay the foundation for a new, more balanced way of using energy. We create a virtual power plant in which buildings become smart energy hubs and where residents/users themselves become owners of their green energy that is generated. By using smart appliances and modifying their habits, they themselves determine whether they use, store, buy or sell energy. This way they become smart prosumers: self-sufficient, energy-neutral and carbon-neutral.

And the best part? It’s no trouble for them, because aug·e takes care of everything automatically.

Are you a believer?

To make the switch to a hybrid energy system with energy-efficient local communities work, you need believers. People who think big enough and really want to make a difference.
Are you such a believer?

‘The energy transition is not only about the transition from fossil fuels to more sustainable energy sources. It’s an issue that goes much further. It’s also, for example, about the availability and affordability of energy, and about the energy system itself. Only when we dare to question all these things can meaningful change come about. Change that benefits everyone.’

Mihail Mihaylov – Product Owner REC


Joint investments

Whether it will be solar panels, heat pumps, smart batteries, EV charging stations or a local heat network, anyone who wants to use energy in a more sustainable and ecological way has to invest in innovative technologies that are often still expensive. In a local energy community, you share the financial burden, and can enjoy the many benefits of the investment more quickly.

Better energy prices

In a local energy community, participants can buy and sell electricity among themselves. By cutting out the middleman, the energy supplier, you get a better price balance within the community. Those who sell surplus energy from solar panels, for example, get more than the current feed-in tariff. The reverse is also true: those who buy directly from their neighbours pay less than from the big energy companies. Win-win!

More green energy

Although the economic value of an REC becomes apparent very quickly, in many cases it is not the main driver. That is still the ecological added value. While the traditional energy system, relying on fossil fuels, fails to balance supply and demand, an REC uses energy much more efficiently and smartly and focuses much more on self-generated green energy. A blessing for the environment, because in this way CO2 emissions are drastically reduced and, as a user, you know that you are making a meaningful contribution to a better world.

A collaborative community

In a local energy community, energy is not an individual commodity but a collective asset. Because you are part of a network, your behaviour has an influence on everyone else. For an energy community to work well, it is therefore essential that all participants pull together and learn how to use energy sustainably. With aug·e’s community platform, we capitalise on this: in our user-friendly smartphone app, participants receive useful insights based on their consumption, as well as useful tips on how to be more energy-conscious. Both from aug·e and each other. In addition, aug·e also works with badges and rankings to make it more exciting and interesting.


Expertise &

At aug·e, you can rely on the extensive knowledge of our staff – all highly trained experts with considerable experience in the energy sector. Drawing on our background, we help you to make your project an absolute success: in all phases of the project, we work with you and transform your challenges into an end result that offers real added value.


The aug·e platform is accessible via PC, tablet and smartphone (iOS and Google Play). It is user-friendly and very clear. The personalised and easily adaptable dashboards provide a real-time overview of consumption and give the end user tips and tricks on how to use energy in a smarter and more efficient way.

Game-changing technology

Behind aug·e’s clear dashboards and user-friendly interface lies a lot of groundbreaking technology. Our software developers are constantly working on the latest developments in artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain technology to make aug·e even smarter and more efficient, enabling it to make even better decisions for you.


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Smart Buildings

Aug·e makes buildings smarter, more enjoyable and more efficient.


Smart Batteries

Aug·e controls batteries in a smarter and more efficient way.


Although we want to make a difference for many consumers with our technology, aug·e focuses primarily on the B2B market. We work closely and efficiently with many specialised partners in different sectors, ranging from construction companies, project developers, engineering firms, energy suppliers and financiers to manufacturers, suppliers and installers of the necessary hardware. Together with all these specialised partners, we try every day to make a difference for all those who want to live more energy-efficiently, more economically and in a more environmentally-friendly way.

Want to work with aug·e to make the energy system of tomorrow a reality? Let’s talk!