How aug·e and Bliq are helping consumers save and earn money

Bliq and aug·e have a lot in common: we are both young and driven, and we dream of making the world a more sustainable place. By joining forces, we give consumers in Flanders and the Netherlands the opportunity to help shape the energy transition. We give them the opportunity to really take ownership of their energy. By being even smarter about how they use their self-generated solar energy, they can not only save money, but also earn it.

Smarter control of home batteries

Bliq is an innovative and ambitious start-up in the energy sector. The Dutch company, which initially produced solar panels and smart home batteries, has now evolved into a true energy software platform that aims to help many households become smarter about their energy consumption. Bliq saw many financial opportunities in the increasing volatility of the energy market, and in aug·e found the ideal partner to capitalise on these opportunities. ‘We were looking for ways to get more and better control over our batteries,’ says Paul Van Deursen, founder of Bliq. ‘Smarter control of our hardware not only means better service to our customers, it also improves the financial results of their investment. In our search for the right expertise and technology, we quickly arrived at aug·e’s smart control software. Straight away it became clear we were thinking along the same lines.’

Scalable approach

‘We know we have a good product that can help people save on their energy bills. We had already gained a lot of experience in the field of smart home battery control in earlier projects and collaborations,’ says Robbie Muir, product owner smart batteries at aug·e. ‘We used that experience and expertise to develop a scalable approach for Bliq. An approach that we can quickly and easily roll out in new environments and adapt to the needs of each customer.’

‘We were looking for ways to get better control over our batteries. In our search for the right expertise and technology, we quickly arrived at aug·e’s smart control software.’

Paul Van Deursen – Founder of Bliq

Buy low, sell high

Currently, Bliq and aug·e are working together on a weekly basis to improve the control algorithms on smart home batteries and better align consumption, solar panel production and energy market prices. With success, as Bliq’s home batteries are becoming smarter and more efficient, and its customers are feeling the effects in their pockets. Here’s how it works… We monitor not only how much electricity is needed but also when it is needed. This way, we have a clear idea of when there is too much power and when we need to buy more. If we link these data to the volatile prices on the energy market, we can benefit from this – provided you have a dynamic energy contract: at times when the energy on the market is scarce and therefore expensive, you will sell power from your battery. If energy is cheap, you can buy extra power.

Specific example: 23 April 2022

23 April was a remarkable day in the energy landscape: due to the beautiful weather, so much solar energy was fed into the grid that energy prices on the market temporarily dropped below zero. Most people didn’t notice this at all, but for those with a smart Bliq installation and a dynamic energy contract, there were a lot of opportunities.

Negative prices on the market mean that you get paid to take energy off the grid, and Bliq took full advantage of this on the day. At the times when energy prices were highest (e.g. in the morning, when there was no over-production), the home battery was discharged and power was sold to the grid. When prices fell below zero, Bliq eagerly drew power from the grid to recharge its battery.

‘That day I earned a pretty penny at home,’ says Paul Van Deursen. ‘In one afternoon, thanks to the smart control of Bliq and aug·e, I earned 2.7 euros without having to do anything. Instead of paying for energy, I earned money that day.’

Paul’s profit in figures

Paul Van Deursen’s profit is currently the exception rather than the rule, but the evolution of market prices shows that there are more and more times when the energy price drops below zero. So with the right installation, technology and energy contract, everyone can benefit and increasingly you can earn money from your installation. And even if you don’t make money on your installation, you still save: by playing the game of supply and demand, you buy low and sell high. There is profit in that every day of the year.

Do you want your customers to enjoy the many benefits of aug·e just as Bliq does? Then get in touch now.