Buildings have a huge impact on global energy consumption. They consume as much as 40% of the available energy and are responsible for 20% of the world’s CO2 emissions. If we all want to move towards a more sustainable society, then buildings have a crucial role to play. In the future, they must not only consume less energy, but also use it much more intelligently. Aug·e turns buildings into smart energy hubs that play an active and leading role in the energy transition.


Based on the available (historical) data, aug·e creates a virtual blueprint of the building. An integrated digital model that includes all rooms, technical installations, energy flows, meters and submeters (the possibilities are almost endless). Once all the available data have been mapped, aug·e uses powerful algorithms based on artificial intelligence to address any problem areas in the building and to create new services and functionalities.



Energy consumption
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Sense of community
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Future opportunities


‘The possibilities for creating added value with smart buildings in the future are endless, but many of tomorrow’s applications have not yet been thought of today. Luckily aug·e is creative enough and is prepared for this.’



Smart Energy Management




Community Management


Aug·e optimises your energy consumption.

Did you know that almost 50% of the energy consumed in a building goes towards heating, air conditioning and ventilation? And some 25% towards lighting? Nothing wrong with that, as long as that energy is used efficiently. Unfortunately, figures show that 30-40% of that consumption is wasted energy. Too often we heat rooms that are not in use or light rooms where no one is working. Thanks to aug·e, this waste is a thing of the past: the platform analyses the energy flows in your building(s) and uses complex and dynamic algorithms based on artificial intelligence to provide a whole arsenal of possible optimisations, ranging from self-consumption to peak shaving. With success, as energy consumption in smart buildings with aug·e is on average around 30% lower. What’s more, aug·e doesn’t just consider internal data in its decisions: it also takes external factors such as weather forecasts and energy market prices into account.

Additional feature: the smart EV charging system from aug·e

In optimising energy consumption, aug·e takes into account the increasing number of electric vehicles. Based on environmental and market parameters, the smart charging system balances all energy flows. By planning charging times correctly, you optimise energy consumption and ultimately costs. And, of course, aug·e takes into account drivers’ preferences and ensures that all cars are sufficiently charged.


Carefree preventive maintenance thanks to aug·e.

After a while, aug·e knows your building(s) inside out. The software monitors everything that happens in and around the building and, through complex self-learning algorithms, looks for faults and can predict any anomalies before they become issues. This way, expensive maintenance costs are kept to a minimum and defects do not compromise the operation of the company nor affect staff morale.


A stronger corporate culture thanks to aug·e.

Because aug·e interacts with people through different interfaces, the platform knows better than anyone how to strengthen your sense of community. Aug·e helps you strengthen social bonds between users, so they feel more at home in your business environment and truly part of the group.


Aug·e is compatible with most Building Management Systems, and the possibilities for smart buildings are virtually endless. One thing is already clear: the larger the scale, the greater the impact. If we treat smart buildings not as separate entities but as part of larger networks or communities, the potential for savings will be all the greater. Both for the environment and for our pockets.


At aug·e, we are constantly looking for new partners. Our technology is deliberately open and transparent, allowing third-party developers to enhance their own value proposition by linking aug·e to their products and technologies securely and accessibly. A successful strategy, as it turns out, because the number of applications and opportunities in the aug·e marketplace is growing steadily.

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