aug·e is your building’s data pod that offers you flexibility, creates impact and enhances the value of your building.

The data governance on the platform allows for a various amount of apps that can be connected and markedly outperform the single-purpose apps from a functional point of view. As it consistently uses open standards, aug·e can accommodate the most diverse apps on the market.



1. Connect

aug·e connects to your building and your application landscape. 


2. Inspect

aug·e gets to know your building.


3. Activate

You activate the apps you want to use.



To ensure sound data governance, we use Microsoft DTDL – Microsoft Digital Twin Design Language, which merges the physical building with the digital world, making it easy to integrate your own, your ecosystem’s or your clients’ apps, as they all speak the same language.

When combined with the BIM model, your buildings no longer hold any secrets for you.

Unreal engine

aug·e progressively merges the physical and the digital world into one. In the gaming world that has been the new normal for quite some time and it has changed people’s expectations pattern. With that in mind, aug.e uses the unreal game engine to create a user experience people will soon regard as the new normal.


Via aug·e, the most diverse applications have access to your building’s data. aug·e API allows everyone to connect their own apps, independent of our programmers.

As aug·e helps you to bridge the gap between your building management systems and your IT systems, you get to bank on the highest standards in the field of data security, interoperability. 

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